Eternal holiday

Eternal holiday, of calm and peace, outside.
Of loneliness and uncertainty, inside.
Of confinement, of thoughts and introspection for the most daring. Of thousands of indoor activities for those who do not want to face their own fears. Of infinite sleep for those who do not mind boredom and monotony. Of creativity and action for those who do not want time to pass.
But above all, the uncertainty of not knowing when the longed-for freedom will arrive but not only to being able to leave the house. Of getting together, of going to the bar to have a drink, of going to the Sunday roast, of going to dance, to the gym, to run or drink mate in the park. Of socializing with each other. That other one we miss but also fear. That other one who became an object of care for his well-being and for ours, for everyone’s. And finally, in this time of thinking and feeling, we realize what little things, little gestures, are worth. What it means to have the freedom to buy a plane ticket and to be able to travel wherever one wants without thinking about the danger that this entails. To allow yourself to meet someone and have a pat on the shoulder or a handshake say many more things than the word. What a hug is worth, a kiss 💋